After 8 years and over 40 consecutive tax increases under the O’Malley Administration, Maryland has one of the worst tax climates in the country. In fact, the Tax Foundation recently ranked Maryland 42 out of 50 states in their overall tax climate index. That means only 8 states have a higher, worse tax burden than Maryland. This is unacceptable.

Governor Hogan has begun to change Maryland for the better. But we must ensure that legislators in Annapolis continue to support the Governor’s tax reform policies and not impede his progress.  That is why I believe it is imperative that we have someone who understands the real burden on the average Maryland taxpayer and will tirelessly work to put more of your hard earned money back where it belongs – in your own pockets.   I will work to change the tax and spend status quo in Annapolis and increase economic opportunities for all Marylanders.


Government Spending

It is time to tell legislators in Annapolis that they must be held accountable for their out of control spending practices with our hard earned tax dollars. If Maryland families must work within a budget in their own household, then we should hold legislators to the same accountability.

Currently, over 82% of the state budget is on autopilot due to mandatory spending passed by the legislature. That means that every year the Governor has less than 18% of the state’s budget to work with when trying to fix failing schools, rebuild crumbling roads and infrastructure, and create better paying jobs.  Incredibly, the mandated spending happens every year without a re-evaluation of how the funds are being spent.

I will work to eliminate unnecessary mandatory spending in Annapolis and ensure that every tax dollar spent is going towards actual solutions that will improve the lives of Marylanders.


Protecting Our Children – Making Schools Safe

Recently, our Nation and our very own State experienced a grave tragedy within the halls of our schools.

Here in Maryland, the quick and heroic actions of an armed School Resource Officer (SRO) helped prevent a tragic situation from escalating. With that said, we need to refocus on protecting our kids.

Properly trained SRO’s, like Deputy First Class Blaine Gaskill in St. Mary’s County, set the example of how to go forward with effective school safety. There needs to be an SRO in every school and the necessary funding for these officers is available!

Democrats, led by Attorney General Brian Frosh, continue to waste millions on frivolous lawsuits suing the Federal Government – these funds would be perfect for school protection.

For the longer term, we need to address the culture in which gun violence is allowed to expand. We need to establish and further support civics, social and religious-based school clubs with the primary mission of inclusion by seeking out and engaging isolated students.

If elected to the Maryland House of Delegates, I will support and introduce legislation to fully fund an SRO in every school.

The time to act is now. Our children and teachers deserve nothing less.


Economic Opportunity

With over 30 years of experience as a small businessman in Southern Maryland, I will work to ensure that we provide critical tools to young entrepreneurs so that they can be successful and be afforded the same opportunities as I was.  I will continue to support our small business community in Southern Maryland as it provides our communities with jobs, critical innovation, and economic growth.

I promise to push back on burdensome government mandates for small business. I will work to reduce government regulations that effectively tie the hands of business owners and stifle growth and innovation. Lastly, I will work to decrease the overall tax burden on small businesses so that they can continue to expand their businesses, hire new employees, and provide critical benefits and services to both their workers and the community.



Politicians should no longer be allowed to cherry-pick their own voters! They have turned the intent of the Constitution on its head! The constituents should be the ones selecting their representatives. The downright distrustful, self-serving practice of gerrymandering must come to an end to restore the faith of the people in our democracy and ensure fair elections across the state.

I support Governor Larry Hogan’s proposal for an independent non-partisan redistricting commission that will re-draw Maryland’s gerrymandered districts. In this way, we can ensure that every vote cast has an equal and meaningful impact.



For far too long politicians have not been held accountable to the people.

Legislators in Annapolis hide from their actions and continue to block legislation that would require all General Assembly sessions be video live streamed. This would effectively give the voters a tool to monitor their representatives and hold them accountable for their actions. Marylanders need to know how their representatives are actually voting on the issues that matter to them.

This year alone, there were five instances of corruption in Annapolis. Governor Hogan has vowed to cleanup Annapolis and to restore the trust of the people in the Maryland General Assembly.  I will work with the Governor on this issue to ensure that voters feel a sense of confidence knowing their representatives will keep their promises and follow the rules as they have been written.  

It is time to get rid of self-serving career politicians who seek power and money. We need dedicated public servants who seek to make a difference in the lives of those in their community, who want to bring economic prosperity back to their constituents, and who will work to ensure brighter futures for all Marylanders.


Sanctuary State

This past year, the far-left progressives who control Annapolis sought to make Maryland a Sanctuary State for criminal illegal aliens.  These legislators wanted to tie the hands of our law enforcement officers who are tasked with keeping our children, our families, and our communities safe. Law enforcement officers put their lives on the line for us – every day.

We can no longer allow legislators in Annapolis to create policies fueled by partisan politics over public safety. I will fight any measure introduced to make Maryland a Sanctuary State and any measure that will make Maryland less safe for our children, our families, and our communities.  



America – and by extension, Maryland – is a nation of immigrants.  My mother was born here only two months after my grandparents immigrated here fromEurope.  Back then, people could not wait to embrace their new country.  Today, the world is a different, and in many cases, a more confused, dangerous place.  We need sound, reasonable vetting for all immigrants to America and especially for those attempting to come here from failed states, giving preference to those who are being persecuted in their home countries and who share our values.